Why you should play League of Legends

potato robot from league of legend

The game is an MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) in which you pick a champion to fight as/with. There are 117 different champions and each have their own skills and abilities. This means that there are 14,693,280,768 different ways of setting up a five-person team. You run around the battlefield taking out as many other people as you can with your team. Battle hard with your team of five players and emerge victorious.

It may help you become a US citizen

As of July 2013, the USCIS in the USA started to recognize League Of Legends players as pro athletes. This is the first video game to ever qualify, which leads many to correctly believe that one day League Of Legends will be the first video game to appear in the Olympics. There are a lot of Japanese players and the Olympic games of 2020 are going to be held in Tokyo, meaning there is a strong possibility that League Of Legends may feature in it.

It beats WOW

League of Legends is now the most played PC game in North America and Europe, which means it beats the long-time number one World Of Warcraft. Over 1.3 Billion hours are spent playing the game every month, there are 27 million players per day and an average of ten games are launched every second. There are 70 million registered players and over 92% of them are male!

League of Legends is massive as a sport

Tournaments for League of Legend games happen in massive stadiums that are packed with people. The 2012 championships had over 8 million people watching either in stadiums or online. Total prize pools are over 2 million with a cold million going to the winning team (for playing a PC game!). In 2013, tickets for the championship sold out in an hour.