How to Get Riot Points for League of Legends

League of Legends is a fast-moving Real Time Strategy game which also features elements of a Role Playing Games. Riot Points are an important factor in being successful in the game’s world, and there are several ways which they can be obtained by players.

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Fans of the game as featured on European servers in the past may know Riot Points better as Combat Points. Despite the recent name change, they are the same thing. They exist as one of the two in-game currencies in League of Legends, with the other being Influence Points. Riot Points can be used to buy things like boosts, alternate champion skins, or even champions themselves. Riot Points cannot be used, however, to directly influence gameplay, apart from when they are used to purchase champions or rune pages.There are two ways for players to get their hands on Riot Points in League of Legends. Players can purchase them, using real money, or they can receive them for achieving certain milestones in the game. It is possible for players to purchase points using their own local currencies online. This can be done with credit cards or via Paypal. American players can also find them at stores like Walmart, Best Buy and 7/11, as well as some specialist games retailers.

Points are often paid out to players who attain certain levels, too. For example, any summoner who reaches Level Three automatically receives 400 Riot Points. The game sometimes also pays out Riot Points to compensate players for server issues.

Getting hold of Riot Points is not a difficult process, but be prepared to spend some money to get all the points that you require. If you do not want to spend money, then make sure you practice your game skills, and become god enough to collect points through your achievements. They are essential if you are to become a true League of Legends hero.